These are unpredictable and largely unprecedented times we are currently living in and the disruption to the typical car buying and dealership model has been marked.  While some manufacturers have been early adopters of an online centric buying and test driving model, the vast majority of the automotive players have been forced to act on their toes as the effects of each lockdown phase and restriction further reduce the selling capacity of the traditional retail model.  But is it really all doom and gloom?  Most certainly not!

Online Models Benefit the Consumer

Dealerships that have best adapted to the current market conditions have embraced an online model which allows for remote inspections of new vehicles via video link-up and flexible test drive booking services which see demonstrator vehicles driven out directly to the customer.  This model provides a level of control to the consumer which had previously not been widely available on the showroom floor.  A flexible consumer-centric model such as this removes some of the buying pressures associated with the dealership showroom and sales pitches.

Playing the Periphery 

Using the MBA Car Buying Service available to you via your association, it has never been easier to engage with multiple manufacturers to arrange test drives remotely and narrow down your preference of new car purchase.  MBA Car Assist works with hundreds of automotive dealerships nationally and, on request, can arrange for the car of your choice to be driven out to you for a test drive.  Engaging with manufacturers via a single contact to provide convenience and savings on your next vehicle purchase has never been simpler.  

If you are in the market for a new vehicle or would like to arrange test drives to narrow down your preference, please contact MBA Car Assist on:
1300 119 493